2018 Indoor Market Vendors

Wednesday 3 - 6PM Pleasant Valley Hall

Hillier's Gourmet Foods

Omega Blue Farm

Misty Ridge Coffee

Georgie's Pies, etc.

Living Soils Farm

Plaid Wines

Sue's Preserves

Qualicum Coffee Roasters

End of the Road

Beggar's Farm

Bodhi's Artisan Bakery

Kimchee Baron

Jacintha's Jam, Jelly, Chutney, and Curry Powder

My Healing Cuisine

Island Rain Natural Soap

Campfire Smokehouse Hot Sauce

Potions and Lotions

Young Canada Therapeutic Root Balm

The Pastry Bench


Plus many wonderful drop-ins.  


Check the Newsletter or Facebook for up to the minute rosters



2018 Summer Vendors TBA

Check back for summer vendor roster!

2017 Summer Roster