Market Visions Compared

The following is a list of activities/facilities that are envisioned for the year round farmers market at Beban Park. It compares the  Island Roots concept to the concept recommended by the City staff. IRMC Vision Provides:  City Staff's Vision Provides:

Park's Vision Clarified

Sept 20/17

 Shelter from the rain  Yes



Indoor, climate controlled Market Space that helps people develop healthier relationships with their food producers and maintains a farmers market atmosphere year round.  Yes No Yes
Outdoor Market Space  Yes Yes Yes
The capacity for vendors to lock and leave supplies and equipment from one Market Day to the next. Yes No ??
A few core vendors who make fresh local food available five days each week year round and help ensure costs are met by paying full market rents. Yes No No
A comfortable and safe children's play and learning area for both winter and summer fun. Yes No ??
Indoor Space for adult education (eg cooking demonstrations) and meetings or office use by market management, tenants and vendors.  Yes No yes/no
Outdoor Space for ongoing education (gardening/farming).  Yes Yes ??
Local Food Focused Cafe advancing a local food culture. Yes No ??
A space for socializing and  community networking in both summer and winter. Yes No ??
An enticing second story space that will be rented or leased for educational purposes to help cover operating and construction costs. Yes No No
Local taxpayer support to build. Some 100% ??
Local taxpayer support to operate. No Yes ??
Using money from outside of Nanaimo to further the development at Beban Park. Yes No ??
Business development/growth/support throughout the RDN. Yes No No
Incubating entrepreneurs, new businesses, co-operative food preparation and marketing ideas. Yes No No
Will make a difference to the community, to agriculture and to food security. Yes No Maybe