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The Island Roots Market Co-op

has volunteer positions available to suit any ability. 


We are an inclusive organization that promotes diversity. Our community fabric is made up of all kinds of people, with different genres, backgrounds, abilities, religious beliefs, and opinions. 


Join the Team and Share the Local Love


Volunteer Coordinator

Position Description: 


The successful applicant would be highly organized, friendly, outgoing and willing to work with a diversified group. They would be amazing at both written and verbal communication, be comfortable in a leadership role and have a “can do” attitude.


Some of the key responsibilities would be:

· Assisting with the volunteer program

· Recruiting, training and organizing volunteers

· Planning volunteer schedules

· Conducting interviews as needed

· Liaison to the market manager

· Creating reports for the board/ AGM

· Assisting volunteers and market manager as needed


SetUp / Takedown Crew

Position Description:


This is a hands-on physical job that takes place every Market, rain or shine.

Tents, tables, chairs, signs etc. must be brought out of storage (on site) and set up around the market space. Lifting of up to 50 lbs. happens regularly as all tents are put up and everything else is in place. At the end of the Market, it all must come down and be put back in storage.












Visitor Tent Attendant

Position Description:


 The individuals in this crew often multitask and work dynamically with shoppers and vendors.


Common tasks include:


•To greet and answer questions from the public 

• To write/draw on sandwich chalkboards

• To head count at Market Entrances 

• To take surveys

• To cover for vendors that need a break

• To help shoppers with bags (infrequent)

• Sell Island Roots Market Co-op shares and Market Money to individuals, community groups, vendors and customers.



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