520+ Years of Experience

When thinking about the first post for our blog, my brain went into overdrive....where to start....who to start with....who to add into the first post....the farmers, the producers, the makers, the foragers, the bakers, the artisans, the team behind the scenes, the list goes on and on.


I decided that I would take a slightly different approach.  Did you know that of the vendors recently polled, we have 520+ years of experience?   We have 185+ years of farming experience, 147+ years of artisan experience and with our Bakers and other food products, we have 197+ years experience and we are still growing.  That is definitely a good reason to support shopping local at the Island Roots Market every Wednesday.  


As our blog grows and expands we will be spotlighting our vendors, creating recipes using Island Roots Vendor products and creating shopping lists for you.   The array of healthy tasty options that are currently available on our Island Roots Online Market including everything from eggs,  to a vast assortment of greens,  the weekly addition of newly ready vegetables, ready to heat meals, soups, spice blends, teas, coffees, honey, jams and jellies, perogies, cabbage rolls, sausage, pickles, cheeses, and yes,  the baking - breads, pastries,  pies, cookies, bars,  bagels......the lists are endless.   Then there are the natural soaps, shampoo bars, pain relievers, essential oils, lip balms, again an endless list.  Oh and don't forget to check out the beautiful array of handmade crafted items - felted dryer balls, felted toys, dishcloths, slippers, wallets, purses, books, wood earrings, wood guitar picks,  and so much more.  The lists are growing every week.  We have made shopping easy and the best part, you are supporting local.



Island Roots Online Market makes it easy for you to shop for your meals, eat healthy,  eat fresh and local food, and I am looking forward to sharing some unique recipes with you as well as sharing tips and tricks for keeping your greens and veggies fresher longer.  Join us on this journey to rebuilding our roots, one blog at a time.

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