Market Money - What is it? How does it work?

Market Money (MM) coupons are cash that you can spend with any of the vendors at the Island Roots Market. It is easy to recognize, comes in fives, tens and twenties, is a convenient and familiar size, easy to carry with you. It can be purchased using cash or a card at the Market and should be expected as part of your change when shopping at the Market. It does not expire.


Anyone can buy MM at the Market Tent. BUT Island Roots Market Co-op Members receive a discount when they purchase 100 or more in MM. In addition, as a reward for their financial support, members will now receive a benefit, paid in MM, each year (co-op finances permitting). The amount of the benefit is based on the financial support provided by the members and the Co-op’s performance over the previous year.


Vendors accept MM as though it were cash and can return it to the market manager or the volunteer in charge of MM to receive the equivalent in CDN money BUT are asked to use it as part of their market float, give it to shoppers as change and return it to the manager or volunteer only when they have at least $100 worth. 


You will notice the words “No Cash value” printed on the face of each MM coupon. That is to avoid problems that might arise should someone mistakenly take their MM to a business that is not associated with the Island Roots Market Co-operative, thinking that they can spend it there.