The IRMC Farmers Market Concept

Island Roots Market Co-op is about eating local food and healthy living. It’s about community connection, social transformation, environmental preservation and rebuilding a once flourishing local food industry. More than just a concept, the Island Roots Market Cooperative will provide a permanent, year-round space for shoppers, vendors, farmers, artisans and the community.


The YRCM will have three key components: the indoor marketplace, the outdoor marketplace and the flexible office and community activity area.


The 10,043 square foot market core will be a climate controlled area. It will house the market’s five anchor vendors including a catering kitchen that will provide a space to prepare and deliver locally grown and produced food to the market, banquets and other functions being held away from the YRCM. A highlight in the market will be the education area where cooking and other demonstrations can be done. Displays will be filled with vendor goods on market days. 


Sounds of local musicians will create a lively market atmosphere and the aroma of food freshly made in the catering kitchen and bakery will fill the air. It will include a children’s play area, seating for customers and storage for the market.  


On non market days the main floor will be available for classes, meetings and other activities.                       


The covered outdoor marketplace will be 5910 square feet and will be a venue for up to 50 additional vendors during warmer weather. It will include space to demonstrate agricultural activities where producers and consumers can share information on gardening and related outdoor activities. When not fully utilized by vendors space will be available to families and groups that need a covered space for picnics, family reunions, educational and similar activities. 


The 5102 square foot second floor above the market is an integral part of bringing the community together. This flexible space can provide locations for offices, business/community group meetings, classes, displays, banquets and even a small performance area. It is sure to  become a home to the arts community with space to display local art.  


This design allows the market to thrive in all conditions, providing optimal shopping conditions for all consumers as well as a central location for the community to gather. Our focus is to design and create a project that will attract a broad spectrum of residents from toddlers to seniors throughout the year, as well as appeal to the wide range of out of town shoppers and tourists that frequent the region.


With the assistance of community volunteers, we will promote the importance of buying local and increase support for, and awareness of, our local food industry by providing opportunities to learn and engage in local food production as well as developing partnerships with other Vancouver Island based organizations whose goals reflect those of the IRMC. 


We are looking for volunteers. Please join us in creating an indoor year-round farmers and artisans market. For more information contact Kim - or stop by the Market @ Beban Park on Wednesdays from 4- 6:30 or Saturdays from 10-2.