How Important Are Our Goals?

A survey was passed out at the market and online responses were captured through social media, in market newsletters and via emails sent to members between October 13 and 26, 2019.


Two hundred and ten people filled out the survey which is about 1/5 to 1/6 of the market consumers on a summer day, and about 1/3 – ¼ of our attendance at the Centennial Building.  This is significant uptake in a community survey. The vast majority of respondents indicated that they have attended the market at least once in the past year. This response indicates that the stakeholders are engaged with IRMC and want to have input into decisions that impact the markets function and access.

Regarding increased access to local product the survey returned mixed results. Results indicate that a majority of respondents do not feel it is important to have a second market day, however, the majority of respondents indicated that they would like to have access to local food and goods outside of market hours.  

Goals Survey Complete Results
After moving into the Centennial Building it was decided that Market Supporters should be consulted with regard to the remaining Co-op Goals. These are the results.
survey results.pdf
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