Island Roots Feasibility and Market Study

The Island Roots Market Co-op engaged consultants from Chrysalid Architecture and Farm Food Drink (FFD) to assist with our proposed year round market project.  The FFD Phase One Study, using funds from our Members Shares, examined the currently outlined marketplace concept for viability. FFD's Phase Two Study, funded by a grant from the Coastal Community Credit Union, is to determine: 

  • the demand from vendors, producers and the consuming public;

  • options for a central, accessible location and suitable facilities;

  • options for including educational facilities and rental space;

  • potential partnerships in the community to support and enhance the market concept;

  • funding options and opportunities.

 The remainder of the study, funded by a grant from the Regional District of Nanaimo, and conducted by Chrysalid Architecture examines the technical feasibility of, and provides detailed costs calculations and drawings for, the project.

IRMC's Comments on FFD's Phase One Report

Farm Food Drink’s Preferred Option
It is our view that FFD's preferred option amounts to the Never-Never-Plan. We will need to do much of what they say is preparation for an "eventual" indoor market no matter the option we choose.

A covered outdoor market at Beban?
We are told that the roof the city is currently building for a covered outdoor sports facility in Harewood will cost $2.5 million. We doubt the city would allow us to build a lessor roof for a covered outdoor market as they would want it for sports use on non-market days. The cost of a 7000 sq ft building at $175/sq ft would be $1,225,000 plus landscaping and any covered outdoor space. It would not be the $3.5 million that this report suggests. If the city is really anxious to do the landscaping (we have been told
they are) and if we ask vendors who want to be outside to use their tents our cost to build would be $1.225 m.

The report says we need to double our annual revenue to hire a full time manager and cover operating costs. We think this is wrong for two reasons. 1) We don't need a full time manager for a 2 day per week operation 2) the report over-estimates maintenance
and other costs.

Stage One Report

Stage Two Report

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