2016 Year in Review

2016 was an exciting and successful year for the Island Roots Market Co-operative. We are working closely with the VIEx and Indigenous Peoples' Place of Culture. We have developed a plan which was well received when it was presented to the public at the Beban Park Open House in August.

Our plan has since been approved by the city and we are now working with City Park Staff on terms of our lease. This means we will soon be building at Beban Park a permanent space for an indoor year-round Farmers' Market for Nanaimo!


Island Roots has also formed a strategic partnership with the Bowen Road Farmers' Market Society;  together we opened a second market at Beban Park on Saturdays which ran through the summer.


With winter now upon us, we are currently running our third consecutive year of winter markets at Pleasant Valley Hall on Wednesdays from 3-6.


Our business plan has been reworked with input from Dream Big Solutions and Chrysalis Architecture. We are well on our way to our new permanent location. 


Multiple presentations have been made to the Regional District of Nanaimo, and they are collaborating with us on our vision.

We also hired local business woman and entrepreneur, Jessica Dawe, as the IRMC Market Manager, after our previous manager departed with a new baby girl. (Congratulations Leah!)


2017 is looking strong, as we continue to progress towards our vision of a permanent building at Beban Park. Our fundraising committee is working hard to raise the capital we will need for this project.